Membership is open to all adult residents of Bangladesh who accepts and supports the aims and objectives of the Foundation without restriction as to race, religion or political belief. Each member is to contribute TK. 50.00 (Taka Fifty) only per month.

Intending persons to become member should apply in a prescribed form of the Foundation to the Chairman/Secretary General of the Foundation through local unit or download it from download section in bmf website. In case of Online version currently general membership form is available applicant should follow the instruction of online form downloads section rules strictly. But it must be approved by the Chairman.

NEC reserves the right to accept or to reject application of any membership.

Members Rights and Responsibility

  • After receiving membership a member will be provided a membership card. All members must abide by the rules and regulation of the Foundation.
  • A member will be entitled to receive annual report and publications of the Foundation through respective local unit.

Disqualification for membership

  • If membership is canceled by the NEC.
  • Person involved in any activities against society and humanity according to recognized national and international laws.
  • Mentally imbalance.
  • If a person is convicted by any court of the Country.

Types of Membership: There will be six types of membership

  1. General Member:
    Any person intending to be the member of the Foundation can become member by paying subscription according to the download form link rules.
  2. Advisory Member:
    For the development of the Foundation any advisory member may be selected by NEC. These members may be present in general meetings of the organization but can’t participate in election and they will be counted as member of advisory council.
  3. Lifetime Member:
    If any member donates Tk.20,000.00 (Taka Twenty Thousand) only or equivalent, he will be considered as lifetime member. But approval of National Executive Committee will be required for that membership. Lifetime members will have voting right in the general meetings and also can take part in the election. Founder members shall be considered as lifetime member of the Foundation.
  4. Associate Member:
    Those who support the aim and objectives of the Foundation and take part in the programmes and activities may become Associate member. Associate member will have no voting rights.
  5. Special Member:
    NEC may accept any person as a Special Member for his extra ordinary contribution to the Foundation.
  6. Coordinator Member:
    NEC may select any one to coordinate in any unit for better function.

Register of Membership:

          All units must maintain respective Membership Registers in which names, address, work records, payment of subscription and other particulars shall be recorded. A national data base of the Members shall also be kept by the National Secretariat.

Cessation of Membership:

          Membership shall be ceased upon resignation or death or act against discipline /interest of the organization.

Suspension of Membership:

          Membership will be suspended if member(s) become mentally imbalance.

          Subscription unpaid for 1 (One) year or more.

Membership Renewal:

           Membership suspended due to non-payment of subscription can be restored on payment of the unpaid subscription subject to approval of NEC.


          Admission fee, monthly subscription or any other subscription will be determined in the general meeting on recommendation of the NEC.


To download General membership form please click here