General Committee (GC)

The composition of the GC will be as follows:

a)       All members of NEC

b)       President  and General Secretary of all units

c)       Lifetime members of the Foundation

d)       All Coordinator members.


Annual General  Meeting:

          # The meeting of the G.C shall be held at least once in every one year. The notice of such a meeting shall be served by the Secretary General as determined by the NEC, at least 14 days prior to the date fixed for the meetings. 50% (Fifty percent) of the total members shall form the quorum of such meeting.


          # An Extra-Ordinary  General Meeting (EGM) may be convened  by the NEC at least 3 (Three) days prior notice having specific agenda . No decision shall be considered to have been carried at such a meeting, except by consent of 3/5th (Three fifth) members attending such a meeting.