National Executive Committee (NEC)

The National Executive Committee (NEC) shall be the highest body of the Bangladesh Manondhikar Foundation executing the policy and programme of the foundation and organizing it's activities. NEC will be directly elected by General Committee.

Term of Office:

The term of office for the office bearers of NEC shall be three years. 

Vacancy in the NEC:

Any casual vacancy in the NEC shall be filled in by co-option in a full NEC meeting. NEC member(s) may be entrusted/given with the responsibility in case of vacancy in the position of any office bearer(s).

The NEC Shall be consists of the following

Chairman: 01
Vice Chairman: 02
Secretary General: 01
Joint Secretary General: 02
Director Finance: 1
Director: 04

Hereby constituted with the following Persons:

Sl. No


Name, Address and Description of the subscribers

Post/ Position


Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim Khan- Chairman

Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim Khan, PPM

S/O: Late Md. Abdur Rashid Khan & Late Rizia Begum
Cell No: 01711-822314, 01937-761111 Occupation: Business,
Nationality: Bangladeshi



Dr. Md. Abdus Salam Khan- Vice Chairman

Professor Dr. M. A. Salam Khan

S/O: Late Md. Abdur Rashid Khan & Late Rizia Begum

Cell No.: 01919-24 91 45

Occupation: Doctor

Nationality: Bangladeshi



Adv. Nojibuir Rahman- Vice Chairman

Adv. Nojibur Rahman

S/O. Late Shamsur Rahman & Mrs. Rabia Begum

Cell No.: 01712-22 80 74

Occupation: Lawyer,

Nationality: Bangladeshi



Md. Rabiul Islam Sohel- Secretary General

Mr. Md. Rabiul Islam Sohel

S/O: Sardar Abdul Wadud & Mrs. Rahima Khatun.

Cell No: 01915-68 60 51

Occupation: Business.

Nationality: Bangladeshi.

Secretary General


Adv. Kamal Hossain- Joint Secretary General

Adv. Kamal Hossain

S/O. Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique & Mst. Hazera Begum

Cell No: 01724-16 88 76

Occupation: Lawyer.

Nationality: Bangladeshi.

Joint Secretary General


Md. Shafiqul Islam- Joint Secretary General

Mr.Md.Shafiqul Islam

S/O: Md. Ismail Hossain & Mrs. Rahima Khatun

Cell No.: 01920-99 37 81, 01759-87 21 01.

Occupation: Business.

Nationality: Bangladeshi.

Joint Secretary General


Nahid Kabir- Director Finance

Mrs. Nahid Kabir

D/O: Mohammad Feroz Kabir & Mrs. Syeda Nargis Akhter

Occupation: Business.

Nationality: Bangladeshi.

Director Finance


Barrister Ramjan Ali Khan- Director

Barrister Ramjan Ali Khan

S/O: Late Shekender Ali Khan & Mrs Rahela Khanam

Cell No: 01711-300699

Occupation: Lawyer,

Nationality: Bangladeshi



Sharifun Hassan Bithi- Director

Mrs. Sharifun Hassan Bithi

S/O. Late Alhaj Dr. Waliullah &

Late Alhaj Shiria Begum

Cell No: 01819-22 91 14

Occupation: Business,

Nationality: Bangladeshi



Sheikh Mahabubur Rahman (Mithu)- Director

Sheikh Mahabubur Rahman (Mithu)

S/O: Sheikh Md. Shamsur Rahman & Mrs. Fatema Rahman

Cell No: 01711-14 92 36

Occupation: Business,

Nationality: Bangladeshi



Hazi Rafiquddin Chowdhury- Director

Hazi Rafiquddin Chowdhury

S/O. Late Hazi Saddulla Chowdhury & Late Konori Bibi

Cell No: 01715-72 10 07, 0821-71 96 96.

Occupation: Business,

Nationality: Bangladeshi.



Functions of NEC:

a) The NEC shall have the power to affiliate a Local Group and suspend activities of Units where deemed necessary.

b) The NEC shall approve any unit, if prayed for. For violation of any provision of the constitution or rules by any Local Unit the NEC shall have power to suspend activities of that unit or give any other punishment where deemed necessary.

c) The decision to suspend the Unit Committee the concerned committee shall be given 30 days notice and fair opportunity to answer allegations. Any such decision should be carried by 3/4th (Three forth) majority of total NEC members. After suspension, the concerned Unit Committee may appeal to the NEC for review and the review shall be placed in the following NEC meeting.
d) NEC shall have the power to form Sub-Committee/ Special   Committee, Standing Committee to perform any specific job, if and when necessary.

e) The NEC may appoint employees as it deems necessary. It may suspend or dismiss any employee for neglect of duty, dishonesty, incompetence and refusal to carry out the decisions of the committee or for any other reason which it deems fit and sufficient in the interest of the organization.

 f) The NEC shall act as governing body of the foundation. It shall continue to function not withstanding any vacancy in it’s body and no part of the proceeding of the NEC shall be invalidated merely by reason of the existence of a vacancy or vacancies among it’s members or any defect in the appointment or election of any of it’s members.

g) NEC shall be responsible for the appointment of the Auditor. It shall receive the reports from the Local Units and submit reports to the NEC.

h) NEC shall be the custodian of all records and assets of the foundation.

i) Generally, to do other things as it may consider necessary or expedient for the purpose of carrying out the aims and objectives of the foundation.