Objectives of the Foundation

All the objects mentioned hereunder will be implemented the objects contrary to the provision of section 20 of the act shall be treated as ineffective.

1. To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program for the poor and under privileged people.

2. To take up program for promotion of literature, fine art, science and education.

3. To take up program to distribute relief among the neglected, poverty stricken in the event of any natural calamity like food, storm, cyclone and earth quack.

4. To arrange/take up training activities of improved educational program for literate and half educated people for the purpose of increasing capability of works.

5. To make awareness among the general public, poor masses and human society/regarding their beneficial program.

6. To establish libraries, reading room, study center for developing the habit of study for the benefit of the society.

7. To publish care/old manuscript of the lost folklore of the country including the myth book after being collected them.

8. To arrange exhibition of art/painting through display center/museum and mobile museum.

9. To arrange display of sculptured/collection of painting through museum and mobile museum.

10. To arrange painting collection by establishing education institution of fine arts.

11. To undertake motivation work among the human being/public to create awareness literature arts, science and micro-credit activities.

12. To undertake program for education research on archeology and histories relics.

13. To collect and preserve mechanical and scientific map and design for the benefit of members and the general public.

14. To distribute books free of cost among the poor students Alem and Ulema of school, College University and Madrasah for the purpose of amelioration of equality of education.

15. To establish library and reading room for the members and for the use of general public for the purpose of promotion of education and culture.

16. To establish run and maintain school, college, madrasha and such other educational institution both general and technical for the purpose of diffusion of useful knowledge among the people or target group.

17. Protect and promote human rights by monitoring, investigation, advocacy and taking solidarity actions.

18. Work towards social equality, with particular emphasis on social groups who have suffered discrimination in the past, such as women, children and minorities.

19. Develop a speedy communication system using modern communication techniques to encourage quicker actions to protect human rights, redress wrongs and prevent violations in future.